Club Committees 2023/24 updated 1st July 2023

                                                                                                (Additional club roles in parenthesis)

Club Officers

President:  Chris Byard   (Speaker programme, web, membership development)

Vice-President:  Indra Patel  (Lend-with-Care projects, membership development)

Secretary:   Mike Thomas   (PR Officer, data protection, members' welfare)

Treasurer:  Stuart Clarke   (Social media, immediate past-President)

Youth Service

Jane Lynds, Lead (Equality & diversity, club protection, H & S)

Community Service

Alan Swann, Chair

Derek Marsh

Des Murphy (Archivist, members' welfare)

Allan Nall

International Service & Foundation

John Moss, Lead (Chair of District Foundation Grants C'ttee)

John Woollett

Working Groups

To be set up for specific projects with across the club participation.

Club Trustees

Chris Byard

Stuart Clarke

Mike Thomas

Indra Patel

Club Council

Chris Byard, Club President

Stuart Clarke, Club Treasurer

Indra Patel, Vice President

Mike Thomas, Club Secretary

Club Service/Membership

Indra Patel, Vice President, Chair

Stuart Clarke, Club Treasurer

Marcus Rixon (Venue hotel liaison, meals organiser, CC's contact)

Mike Thomas (Public Relations/Communications)

Honorary Members

Jim Barnes

Tom Green

Brian Stuart

Ann Routledge

John Welch

Honoured Associate Members

Councillor Adrian Moss, Former Mayor - Wolverton & Greenleys Town Council

Rob Gifford - Former Chair of Stony Stratford Town Council